Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saint Ambrose Prayer Book Now Available

The Saint Ambrose Prayer Book, a Western Rite prayer book now available from Lancelot Andrewes Press

It's here: a handbook of private devotions specifically for Western Rite Orthodox Christians. Lancelot Andrewes Press has announced the release of The Saint Ambrose Prayer Book. The 450-page-long book contains prayers and devotional material for morning and evening prayer, confession, the Eucharist, prayers for the departed, and much more. A partial review of its contents includes:
  • The Christian's Obligations and Spiritual Outlines. This includes such things as rules for fasting and worship, as well as the Ten Commandments, the nine Beatitudes, the seven deadly sins, the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, etc.;
  • Common Prayers. The prayers every Orthodox Christian should memorize, including the Lord's Prayer; the Confiteor; and prayers for morning, evening, and midday;
  • Occasional Prayers for various needs;
  • Devotions for Holy Mass. In addition to prayers and offices of preparation for and thanksgiving after Holy Communion, this section includes the entire text of both the Liturgy of St. Gregory and the Liturgy of St. Tikhon, and counsels for communicants
  • Confessional Devotions. This includes an examination of conscience, a form of Confession, and the seven penitential Psalms;
  • Prayers for the Dead, including the Requiem Mass and prayers at graveside; and
  • Various Devotions, including litanies to the saints, a Visit to the Christmas Creche, and short prayers.
This is merely an overview, not a comprehensive Table of Contents, nor a review. One can take heart that the volume has been edited by the Very Rev. Fr. John Winfrey, Archpriest, who compiled the beautiful Antiochian Archdiocese's Holy Week Service Book for the Eastern Rite.

The Saint Ambrose Prayer Book is now available for $30 from Lancelot Andrewes Press. A trade discount on bulk orders of 10 or more are available for churches and book stores.

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Blogger Ochlophobist said...

Goodness you WR folks have great prayerbooks. The quality and beauty of the bindings, not to mention that a layperson can rather easily gather all requisite materials in a coherent fashion with a fair amount of ease and at not a great cost.

Having worked at an antiquarian theological booksellser for a number of years (Loome's in Stillwater, MN) I have a soft spot for such texts.

8:37 PM  
Blogger TruthSeeker said...

I have been trying to find a western rite in my area. But the closest one is 160 miles from me. I have called the priest in charge of the western rite but recieved no phone call back. What can I do to get a mission started?

11:53 AM  

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