Friday, January 13, 2006

More UCC Apostasy

Another Friday night, and that means another episode of "The Book of Daniel" America won't be watching. However, the president of the quasi-pagan United Church of Christ will. The reverend, whose name -- I kid you not -- is John Thomas, "The Book of Daniel" is just another sign of how plebian American culture "resists religion that is relevant":

Thomas, however, said it should not come as a shock, for example, that a pastor, either on "The Book of Daniel" or in real life, could accept and affirm his gay child, have a daughter with legal troubles, or be married to someone with depression or alcoholism...

"It's always surprising to discover how controversial grace can be," Thomas said. "But then, even in Jesus' time, unmerited, undeserved grace left many religious authorities furious."

Translation: Don't believe Jesus favors gay marriage? You probably would've crucified Him, anyway, infidel!

Reviling Americans (and Jesus) is an odd way to go about evangelizing. Which should be particularly important to him, since many of his parishoners won't leave a new generation of UCC'ers behind.



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