Monday, March 27, 2006

Why Do Anglicans Always Look to Rome?

When Episcopalians and other Anglicans become disgruntled with Arch-druid Frank Griswold, et. al., why do they always look to Rome? Dom James Deschene has a more fruitful suggestion for those wishing to leave Canterbury's heresies:
Rather than realigning with Rome at this time, disenchanted and disenfranchised Anglicans have been given a rare opportunity to "go all the way" and return to the original Orthodox church of the English peoples. Providentially, God has prepared the way for them by restoring within present-day Orthodoxy a familiar Anglican liturgy and western rite. Never has it been more possible for Anglicans to "come home" to that true and venerable and familiar Anglicanism of their earliest fathers. That home, grounded on unshakable dogma and firm scriptural faith and tradition, is the true Anglican Church as it existed before the Reformation, before the Great Schism. It is to that faith and tradition that Rome itself needs to return if it is to be truly itself and truly catholic.

This may not be a message new Romans wish to hear, but 1) their philo-Orthodox brand of Anglicanism may have been closer to the apostolic faith doctrinally; and 2) now that they have gone through all the disruption of swimming the Tiber, they have still farther to go. However, those truly dedicated to Our Lord will follow wherever He leads.


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