Sunday, April 16, 2006

Christ, the Summit and the Way

He cometh unto the Mount of Olives, that he may plant upon the heights of virtue those young olive-branches, whose mother is the Jerusalem which is above. Upon this mountain standeth He, the heavenly husbandman, that all they which be planted in the house of the Lord may be able each one to say : As for me, I am like a green olive-tree in the house of God.

But we may even think of this mountain as being Christ Himself. For what other beareth such plants as He doth, not weighted down with an abundance of earthly fruit, but spiritually fruitful with the fulness of the Gentiles? He also it is by whom we go up, and unto whom we go up. He is the Door. He is the Way. For he is the one which is opened and which openeth. Unto him, whosoever entereth in, knocketh. Unto him also, having entered, to obtain their reward, they do offer their worship. A figure also was it that the disciples went into a village, and that there they found an ass tied and a colt with her ; neither could they be loosed, save at the hand of his Apostles which loosed them. He whose work and life are like theirs will have such grace as was theirs. Be thou also such as they, if thou wouldest loose them that are bound.

-- Sermon of St. Ambrose of Milan.



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