Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A What-If

If the Serbian Patriarchate accepts the remnant of L'ECOF parishes under its protection in France, what will happen to the former L'ECOF parishes in the United States? I understand there are at least two, though one is presumably vacant. Will they become Serbian Orthodox? Will the Serbs accept other Western Rite parishes in America?

I was inspired to ask by a discussion on this blog; a Serbian WR might give Old Calendar WRO a canonical home, if certain areas of ROCOR are not amenable.



Blogger Eric John said...

I think this would be a good idea for the Serbian or even the Bulgarian Patriarchates, both of which have taken in all-convert parishes in recent years.

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Blogger Jean-Michel said...

Christ est ressuscité!

dear Benjamin,

Just a fast overlook of the situation.

End 2005, the Patriarcate of Serbia took remnant of Uacoro in his communion.
But not as parishes, nor as WRO. They had to become simply Old Calendrist. And have some French in the 9th c. E-rite they are now forced to use, depending on who celebrates the Liturgy.

There is one, like in Asterix, that didn't accepted to leave his inheritage, both liturgical as calendar, and stayed away of the move. You'll find him here
Fr. Jean-François is that "last of the Mohicans" in France. The opposition to him is terrible, and the faithfull (in the 2 senses of the meaning) who remained with him are pressured too. You won't find much Faith in the behaviour of all those "canonical Orthodox" doing this, of course, but they have the name for the officiality, they have the churches, the financings, and so on...

Back to the former Uacoro.
These parishes were thus no longer Ecof since 2001 (or 2000? not sure of the date), so others still Ecof are not concerned.

This parish
I don't know if it still exists. But fr. Francis DesMarais, after a time in Ecof at the parish of Nantes, is now under "Daru", taken in it in October 2005 (no news of reordination, even not "under condition"). And after a few months as vicar in the Daru purely Russian parish of Nantes, he became rector of the Daru parish in Normandy. All explained on the website of the Nantes Daru parish.
At least, fr. Francis may keep a decent calendar system, while of course being no longer WRO.

The first hopes of the Uacoro group was visibly that Church of Serbia in France (!) would accept them as WRO. Some high placed hierarchs of it showed themselves ready for this. But apparently, the enormous pressure of "brethren" hierarchs of "sister" Orthodox Churches here were too high. The Serbian bishop in France is not at the top of the local episcopal comitee, I was not surprised of their decision of only accepting people of Uacoro as "Old Calendrist and E-Rite". Reading some influent Byzantine French writers, I think it was already a miracle they have not reordained the priests, because lots of the fiercly opponents to WRO among the French converts openly wrote their doubts on the "validity" of the Sacraments given by these ex-Ecof priests.

Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi est...


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Blogger Michael said...

What is their current relationship with ROCOR? Is there any chance of them affiliating with ROCOR? Pardon my ignorance of the location of dioceses bishops and WRite stace of bishops thereof. I'm guessing if they were ROCOR, the communtiies in France would fall under Western Europe, yes?

Ta muchly.

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