Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Off Topic: Omigosh

I rarely stray into social observation, but this is something everyone must see: in some Muslim societies, all women must wear the burqa (the full-length robe covering everything but the woman's eyes, hands, and feet). Ever wonder how this interferes with certian day-to-day eating spaghetti? This video shows how women must live everyday in much of the world.

The wording of my first sentence is significant: in these societies, all women must wear the burqa, not merely all Muslim women. After all, Islam -- contrary to media propaganda -- does not mean "peace" but literally "submission to Allah." If Islamic law applies to the whole world, then its adherents believe all people must observe it, whether or not the subjected accept its source as their deity.

The burqa is a fixed feature of these societies. Women who do not wear the burqa are considered temptresses, lewd women permitted to be beaten -- or worse.

The area in which this applies has spread throughout the West. In growing areas of France, Holland, Australia, and elsewhere, young "infidel" girls cannot pass through certain neighborhoods without donning Islamic garb -- or they will receive Muslim "justice": gang rape. The offenders -- usually unemployed or underemployed Muslim youth living in government housing -- regularly shout epithets such as "slut" at the young Catholic and Protestant girls while they are beating and violating them. These incidents, once unheard of, have risen more or less consistently with immigration by Muslims from countries that practice such tribal enforcement.

Think America is exempt? Our day, too, may come.

(This video appears on "The Official website of the Prophet Muhammed" -- a satire that must be seen to be believed, Danish flags and all.)


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