Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An Orthodox Symposium on St. Augustine

I found this note about an upcoming event of interest to our readers:

Orthodox Readings of Augustine

First International Conference of the Orthodoxy in America Lecture Series

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University.

June 14-16, 2007, at the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University in The Bronx.

For more than one thousand years, Eastern Orthodox theologians have offered conflicting interpretations of the orthodoxy of one of the most respected fathers of the Western Church, St. Augustine of Hippo. Although Augustine is regarded as a saint of the Orthodox Church (commemorated on June 15) many find fault with his Trinitarian formulations and his teachings about original sin and predestination. This conference will bring together prominent Eastern Orthodox theologians and historians to offer their own interpretations of Augustine's place in the Orthodox Church. The conference also includes the perspectives of well-known Roman Catholic and Anglican scholars who are knowledgeable about the reception of Augustine in the East and/or the continued theological dialogue between Eastern and Western Christians.

Plenary Speaker: Andrew Louth

Other Speakers include:

  • Lewis Ayres
  • John Behr
  • David Bradshaw
  • Brian Daley, S.J.
  • Elizabeth Fisher
  • Carol Harrison
  • David Hart
  • Joseph Lienhard, S.J.
  • Andrew Louth
  • Jean-Luc Marion
  • John McGuckin
  • John Milbank
  • David Tracy

For more information, contact George Demacopoulos (demacopoulos AT or Aristotle Papanikolaou (papanikolaou AT

It would be most interesting to hear what is said. This much-maligned saint has absorbed the brunt of "super-Orthodox" hatred for quite a long time. At least this announcement refers to him as a "saint," which is more than hyper-Orthodox do. May this saint's legacy be properly respected in His Church once again.



Blogger Fr Matthew said...

Well, unfortunately, this conference will be maligned by the "super Orthodox" because it is "ecumenist" in natureā€”i.e. those rotten "modernist" Orthodox scholars mixing it up with those dirty schismatic/heretical Romans and Anglicans!

Whatever they say will be erroneous because of the conference's lack of "phronema."

(...I, personally, would be interested in attending this conference.)

10:16 AM  

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