Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two Lenten freebies

1. A Free Lenten Online Course: Ecclesiastical Latin, using A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin by John F. Collins. Sign up, read the text, and take graded assignments for free.

2. Dogmatics Lecture Notes
, on lectures delivered by Met. John Zizioulas of Pergamus.

(Hat tips: Subdn. Benjamin Andersen and Ad-Orientem, respectively.)



Blogger Ben said...

Dang! My post got ate. Trying again:

Thank you for the link to Zizioulas. I have been intending to read "Being as Communion."

Q: As a Catholic, I don't really know what Zizioulas' "standing" is within Orthodoxy. Is he widely respected? Controversial? Is he seen as being "Conservative" or "Progressive"? (I hate to use those narrow terms, but that's how people pigeonhole writers sometimes.)

10:12 AM  

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