Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Audio: Fr. Waggener's Story, and Fr. Angwin's Passing

Our friends at Christ in the Mountains have a new podcast featuring the second half of Fr. Andrew's interview with Fr. Alban Waggener and a comment on the passing of Fr. Joseph Angwin (RIP).

I also greatly appreciate Fr. Andrew's closing meditation on the spermatikos Logos, and God's omnipresence, even in "secular" moments. "There are no secular moments," he reminds us. "There are no places where God is not present, no places where His voice is not speaking."

Download it here.

Another excellent podcast. We're impressed with CITM's podcasts thus far. Good work!

(The solo is OK, but I think I like the extra dose of Swedish bluegrass....)

(Hat tip: Fr. Andrew)

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