Sunday, May 18, 2008

Western Rite Easter Photos

St. Michael Orthodox Church in Whittier, California, (part of the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate) has posted an online photo album of their paschal celebrations. St. Michael's is perhaps best known for its Oblates program, including the (slightly) simplified office it produced for Oblates to follow.

It may be gluttony, but I'm particularly fond of the picture showing the blessing of Easter eggs/baskets.

View the whole album

Christus surrexit!

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Blogger Britney+Mary said...

Christ is risen!

I was wondering how I get access to the "Occidentalis" (sp?) archives. I'm an Orthodox Christian looking for information about the western Orthodox tradition, and info is pretty scarce. I'm familiar with the WR Mass (or as familiar as you can be celebrating it twice), and I don't seek to become a liturgical expert or anything, but I'm also interested in the extra-liturgical traditions of the WR that have already secured a place in my heart.

Sorry if this is an inappropriate use of your comment option, but I couldn't find your email address listed anywhere.

10:16 PM  

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