Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother, When Jesus Runs Wild On YOU?"

The Punisher, a former Australian pro-wrestling champion, will now kick butt for Christ. The Punisher (whose real name is Wayne Pickford) "was commissioned as an evangelist by the Church Army last month at his home church, Dapto Anglican." Specifically, Rev. Punisher will perform "professional wrestling for evangelism."

Forget clown masses; that's a liturgical deformation I'd like to see!

"Churches have to realize it's becoming harder to attract people to church events," quoth the Missionary of Mayhem. In other words, the Aussie Anglican Church has given up on attracting people with worship and decided to replace it with low-brow entertainment -- err, sorry, evangelism.

One wonders how young children are going to react when they realize the same man who told them Jesus rose from the dead also told them he was a Russian Communist intent on crushing American wrestlers in a real, legit physical contact sport.
(Hat tip: Mark P. Shea.)

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This really isn't far off from what we're dealing with with Phatmass:


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