Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Derek "Fr. Aidan" Keller's Incredibly Rotating Reality?

Unfortunately, misrepresenting history and liturgy are the least of Keller's offenses. Here's a characteristic example of Keller's mendacious tendencies -- outrageous even by his standards. Within a few hours of each other last Thursday, he told Occidentalis there is no ROCOR Sarum liturgy -- and that there is, and Fr. Michael has changed his text to comform with Keller's "Old Sarum Rite Missal"!

First he claims there is no text of ROCOR Sarum (untrue; it is right here) and blames me for the idea that such a thing exists:

I will note a possible source of 2004, Ben Johnson had labelled [sic.] as the "ROCOR Sarum" a text which had been placed online by Fr. Michael Mansbridge-Wood ofTasmania (a ROCOR priest). It is worthy of note that the online text was not at all a Mass of Sarum use (Fr. Michael did not claim it was on the website). Yet some may be, to this day, using it as a comparison against the Sarum text as published by the St. HilarionPress (SHP).
Then 18 hours later, he alleged that Fr. Michael had changed his Sarum Liturgy to ape Keller's OSRM.

How did he pull this off? I'd inadvertently compared Keller's OSRM with "The English Liturgy," listing differences between the two texts. Keller compared my account of these differences (in the "English Liturgy") with the text of the ROCOR Sarum Liturgy (a totally different liturgy) to claim Fr. Michael changed his Sarum text to bring it into line with the OSRM. He fibs: "We can see, by now, that nearly all the differences between what Ben called the 'ROCOR Sarum' and the SHP Sarum, have been resolved, in St. Petroc's currently-posted text, in favour of the SHP Sarum text."

First, he claims I did not cite the Sarum Mass text at all; then, he claims my ciation proves ROCOR is emulating him. What a tangled web he weaves....

The current text of the Sarum Mass approved for use in ROCOR is here Through the wonders of, a posting of the same liturgy from roughly the same time as my original post is here. As anyone can see, Fr. Michael has changed nothing, much less to bring it into conformity with Keller's "Milan Synod" liturgy text.

One can also check ROCOR's "English Liturgy" text here and here and see nothing has changed at all. (Except the graphics.) Within the span of a few hours, Keller posts two mutually exclusive falsehoods, both self-serving. Yet not a soul on his group blinked, and he did not blush.

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