Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ancient Milanese Rite Revived in Milan

It appears the older form of the Ambrosian Mass will soon be celebrated in its former diocese. Although details were not yet fixed, the NLM reports the Roman Catholic hierarchy has granted permission for the older liturgy to be celebrated "at a place within the Archdiocese of Milan, but, as I infer, outside the See city, in addition to the Mass celebrated each Sunday at San Rocco al Gentilino." Tentatively, this will begin this October.

In the Middle Ages, a great proliferation of variants snuck into the celebration of the Mass; often the same nation would have many different forms of the Mass based on diocese. To diminish this chaos, the council of Trent in 1570 specifically authorized all liturgies at least 200 years old at that time to continue, while suppressing medieval innovations. (By the nineteenth century, though, more variant liturgies introduced themselves.) In the years since the 1970 New Order of the Mass, even these retained liturgies have been Novus Ordo-ized. This edict will allow an older tradition to revive. Already, the NLM blog reports, there are requests for a wider usage of the old Ambrosian Mass.

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