Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Additional Latin Mass Videos added

I added a few links to this post for other Latin Mass videos:

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary (the semianry of the SSPX) has produced numerous videos of traditionalist Masses, including those of Holy Week, Vespers, and Ordinations. Also available: the Divine Office of the Roman Breviary on cassette tape or CD. (Listen to audio samples here.)

A two-volume set on the life of the late Pope John Paul II. Volume One is apparently the made-for-TV film starring Albert Finney as the late pontiff. Volume Two is actually the Latin Mass celebrated at a mission in San Fernando, CA. I am not sure if this is available on DVD at this time. Also, MAETA (sedevacantist) is offering a video of the traditional Mass celebrated by Fr. Patrick Perez.

I haven't seen any of these videos. If you have, please comment.


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