Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Tears Run Dry

Our friend Subdn. Benjamin Andersen has thrown in the towel on his blog, Occidentalis. We consider this a grievous loss; his blog was by far the most intelligent offering in the blogosphere, WRO or otherwise.* We will miss his insights and encouragement, though we look forward to reading his contributions in other areas.

I hope also for some measure of his ability to maintain this blog. While he was around, he could be the smart guy, and I could be the cut-up/myth refuter. (Fighting back myths about the WR from vagantes did not suit his temperament -- nor mine, but I mind it less.) Now we must also provide intellectual nourishment. Subdn. Benjamin's departure will leave Western Rite Orthodox and the blogosphere in general with quite a hunger, indeed.

* - Pontifications is excellent, as well...but he went Romeward, and I ain't forgiving or forgetting. :)


Blogger Eric John said...

Ben, here is your first assignment: posts on What WRiters Really Do Liturgically (otherwise, outside church, we assume they're all normal human beings). Feel free to post profusely on how to edit the LA Press MD and Anglican Breviary for Orthodox use, including examples of how you or others you know (especially WR priests, such as those at Christminster) use these texts.

If you do not to this, I shall have no other choice than to throw myself off the deep end of my own arbitrary whimsy and just "come up with something" to my own breviarial peril. (Yes, I did make up that word.) And you will have my abandoned prie-dieu on your conscience!

10:10 PM  

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