Friday, June 30, 2006

Note to Episcopalians: Quit Whining

Our friend at Ad Orientem blog has decided to hold an online intervention for outraged Episcopalians:
I guess my point after the long rambling is this. If you’re an Episcopalian, and
if your sick of the heresy and other liberal weirdness going on… THEN LEAVE!
Stop whining! You know how to do this. The exits are clearly marked. If on the
other hand you choose to stay for whatever reason… same thing. Please hold the
whining. You know what the score is. You’re choosing to live in a heretical and
apostate church. It’s not reasonable to expect sympathy when you start smelling
the sulfur and feeling the heat from the fiery pit. And yes it’s true. I am not
an Episcopalian. And yes that probably makes it easier for me to tell those who
are to leave their spiritual home. But seriously. Someone needs to.
It should be clear by this point that no bishop, hearing the cries of his people, is going to swoop in from Canterbury or Nigeria and restore the Anglican Communion to a golden era (that probably never really existed in the first place). The best those in the communion can hope for is some form of recognition in the same communion with heretics...and in time, this new breed of heretics will inevitably become the head rather than the tail. This occurred with the Social Gospel. This occurred with Higher Criticism. This occurred with "Honest to God" and other modernist doubts. It occurred with women's ordination. And it will happen again and again. To make no effort to spare oneself and one's family members -- current and yet unborn -- these ravages deprives the victim of the right to whine. In that context, complaint -- a justified response to heresy -- becomes the ghetto mentality reaction anesthetizing traditional Christians from performing any needed seeking the exits from the "Bishop" Spongs and Schoris of the world.

Our friend's words may be a bit blunt, but the point remains: Fools me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....


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