Saturday, July 08, 2006

Women Bishops: Abp. Rowan Betrays CoE Trads

The ordination of women bishops is not just an American problem; the Church of England is about to follow suit.

A group of more than 100 traditionalist clergy who were all ordained after the Synod voted to admit women to the priesthood 13 years ago said they had been promised at the time a "permanent and equal" place in the Church.

In a statement, the clergy said that if the Synod now failed to provide them with "all that is necessary" for them to remain in the Church when women became bishops, it would represent a "betrayal of trust."
Betrayal proceeded as scheduled that afternoon, when the General Synod at York ruled the ordination of women to the episcopate "theologically justified" by a vote of 288-119. The Telegraph wrote (before the vote):
If this motion is passed, as expected, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will urge the Synod on Monday to set up a legislative drafting group.

The group would be asked to prepare a draft measure to allow the consecration of women and, more importantly, to propose a range of possible compromises to assuage traditionalists.

Observers said it was difficult to see what this group could come up with that had not already been proposed, and rejected, by the bishops.
...Including a plea to allow these men to appeal to a male bishop for alternate episcopal oversight.

It's hard to know where they would look, anyway. The BBC notes, "Fourteen of the world's 38 Anglican Churches have already decided to allow women bishops."

After seeing Dr. Rowan deceive nearly a gross of his own clergymen, do you still think this is the man who is going to save ECUSA from a similar fate?

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