Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ten Little Orthodox Indians....

No, not the Malankara OO variety. According to the tag, this was on Orthodixie, but someone e-mailed it to me. It's a good principle for churches and churchmen (of both sexes) to live by:

Ten Little Orthodox came to church all the time;
One fell out with the priest, then there were nine.

Nine Little Orthodox stayed up late;
One overslept on Sunday, then there were eight.

Eight Little Orthodox intent on Heaven;
One took the low road, then there were seven.

Seven Little Orthodox, chirping like chicks;
One didn't like the singing, then there were six.

Six Little Orthodox seemed very much alive;
One took a vacation, then there were five.

Five Little Orthodox pulling for Heaven's shore;
One stopped to take a rest, then there were four.

Four Little Orthodox each as busy as a bee;
One had his feelings hurt, and then there were three.

Three Little Orthodox couldn't decide what to do;
One couldn't have his way, then there were two.

Two Little Orthodox each brought one more;
Now don't you see, two plus two equals four.

Four Little Orthodox worked early and late;
Each brought one, now there were eight.

Eight Little Orthodox if they double as before;
In just seven Sundays, we have one thousand twenty four.

In this jingle there is a lesson true;
You belong either to the building up, or to the wrecking crew.



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