Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Pseudodox Pedophile, This One Western Rite

Connecting with our discussion from yesterday, another character of importance is "Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D." (Alan S. "Skip" Stanford), Primate of the vagante "American Orthodox Church." reports he pleaded "no contest" to multiple charges of molesting teenage boys. According to press statements, he tried to break the seal of confession in order to change this plea. There were also allegations of drug abuse, check fraud, and posing as a legitimate Orthodox Church. (This site has jpegs of the original stories.) The AOC has a "Western Rite Orthodoxy" webpage and claims to be tied to the vagante "Western Orthodox Church in America."




Blogger Eric John said...

Ten warning signs your "bishop" might not be a real one:

10. He refers to himself as Metropolitan Archbishop (of course, it would be better to add something like Catholicos to the mix as well, but one's creative powers must needs be directed elsewhere--such as web design and a clever cover-up operation)

9. His friends call him "Skip" or "Bubba" or even "Catholicos"

8. The ratio of faithful to clergy is often less than 1 layman to 1 clergyman.

7. Despite being a small and forgotten jurisdiction, the Holy Synod your "bishop" belongs to is quite impressive--with an exarch are two and a Western Rite.

6. Your "bishop's" apostolic succession credentials read like a cross between a computer software and/or Ikea manual, a Kant treatise, and the Joy of Experimental Cuisine cookbook (a little o' this, a little o' that)

5. During "liturgy" or "mass" or the "commemorative get together" your "bishop" begins twitching nervously when he hears police sirens outside the "church."

4. Your "bishop's" "church's" name uses three, four, or, preferably, all of the following adjectives in its official name (in different orders somtimes): Orthodox, Roman, Catholic, Traditional, Ecumenical, Old, Celtic, Ancient, African, Eastern, American. (Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic is exempted here, lest we anger the Russians and OCA.)

3. Your "bishop" has a name like Mar Joseph Thaddeus, when he's really a white guy with no link to an Oriental Church, real or imagined.

2. Your "church's" website has a heck of a lot of corporate tax exempt info on it.

And the number 1 warning sign your "bishop" might just have been consecrated in the changing room of an ecclesastical clothing store:

1. People quoting (and misquoting) Jesus get off scott free while those caught quoting your "Primate," who has been diagnosed with something mysterious like "OSB, SSJt., Ph.D." could be slapped with a big fat lawsuit: [Quotes from Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D. - "Copyrighted" ask for permission (you could face legal action otherwise) to use our "Quotes" which are Continuously updated]--from the website.

If you see any of these warning signs in your "bishop," RUN AWAY, and seek immediate spiritual attention from a REAL Orthodox bishop or priest.

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