Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vagantes Hit the Coptic Church

Yes, the vagante Pseudodox now bedevil the Oriental Orthodox, as well. Note this report, discussing "a dissident bishop trying to set up a rival church":

[T]he self-proclaimed Archbishop Maximus I announced plans to start appointing bishops around the country and split from the Coptic Orthodox church.

"This man is married and has two daughters while bishops in our church should remain single," [Pope Shenouda III] said, adding that he believed Maximus would never receive government authorizations to pursue his project.

In an interview published last week, Maximus charged that Shenuda's pontificate had been disastrous and accused the patriarch of inciting sectarian violence in Egypt. [As if - BJ.]

When asked Monday if he would excommunicate Maximus, Shenuda [sic.] answered: "No need…he has already renounced the church."

Elsewhere, Pope Shenouda III noted, "The church has 20 centuries of history behind it. It has remained solid and was never harmed by the dangers threatening it, and it will not be affected by this development." Nope; the vagantes, for all their pride and self-importance, if they do not join Orthodoxy, pass out with a whimper and succeed in doing little aside from misleading trusting souls into placing their faith in a false ecclesiastical body.



Blogger Steve Hayes said...

Some episcopi vagantes, however, started groups that have eventually joined Orthodoxy, including the Copts.

4:42 AM  

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