Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's a Small Pseudodox World

Following up on our story of the "Pope John Paul the Great" Western Rite "icon," I realized I'd bumped into one of the proprietors of Mustard Tree Books, Brianna Martin, before.

I see the e-mail account is associated with MTB. (It is also associated with "Dominic Martin" in this inexplicable message with links to what appear to be pornographic sites, which she sent to the OrthodoxWest Yahoo group, another vagante den.) "Brienurse" writes that her name is "Brianna"; she is interested in web design; and should would be the right age. (Brianna was reported as 39 at the time of her 2003 arrest; Brienurse was 42 last October.)

It appears "Brienurse" is Brianna Martin, the wife of the Archbishop and professed Benedictine Abbot. If so, she dropped me an encouraging note once before. She and I were members of the Yahoo group "Occidentalis," and in one discussion, "Brienurse" felt I was insufficiently reverential to its moderator. Thus, she sent me an e-mail stating (WARNING: PROFANITY AHEAD):

You were not addressing the truth. Face it, you were just being a cunt. Own up to it and ask his forgiveness.

In the next sentence, she wrote:

Even if you consider him a "vagante", you seem to have lost your basic Christian charity.

Kind regards,


More love and light from the Old Sarum/"Occidentalis" types. There's certainly no contradiction between her calling me curse words in one sentence and lecturing me on "basic Christian charity" in the next....

After I made her words known to the group, she retorted:
Ben, you are are still a exactly what I called you. You like being one. That is obvious. It's OK. Really. Just admit it.
As a result...I got placed on message review (as I related here) and she never did.

What her actions say about the Synod of Orthodox Bishops of the Western Rite (I Tim. 3:1-5) or the sort of people attracted to the Yahoo "Occidentalis" group, I'll leave for others to conclude. At any rate, it is a small world.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I have been feeling sorry for myself... I am heartily cheered by the thought that I have never been lectured on Christian basics by the... errrrr... wife of an Abbot.

1:31 PM  

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