Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Flee the Pseudodox: Your Life May Depend On It

Christopher Orr has added an important comment to our post about the Romanian woman killed during a several-day exorcism that failed:
My Romanian-American priestmonk said that this priest and monastery were either fully 'independent' or part of an Old Calendarist sect, and not a part of the mainstream Romanian Orthodox Church. FWIW.
I should have guessed. If true, it would certainly fit a growing pattern of Pseudodox monasteries involved in abuse. Somehow, Pseudodox monastics seem to be disproportionately represented in child molestation, visitor abuse, financial scandals, embezzlement, and phony "miraculous icons." They and their apologists are terrific people to stay away from. Thank you for reminding us of this caveat!

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