Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Blanco Did It

A reader has sent in an update on the "Texan Thebaid": One of the monks of Christ of the Hills "Monastery" in Blanco, Texas, revealed how they swindled everyone with their "weeping icon." The Brownsville (TX) Herald reports:
In July, monk Hugh Brian Fallon detailed to investigators some of the activities going on at the monastery. That statement was released by court order last month.

The monks claimed that a Virgin Mary icon wept tears of myrrh, but those tears came from an eyedropper [Samuel A. "Bishop Benedict"] Greene kept in his nightstand, Fallon said.

Greene encouraged sex among the monks and would offer marijuana "when people were having problems," Fallon said in his statement.
All but one of the pervert Pseudodox "monks" are at the monastery, as their trial is pending.

As I wrote before, may God change their hearts...but may a prison guard change their sheets for the next 50 years.

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