Friday, March 30, 2007

Goodbye (Again), Subdn. Benjamin

Our dear friend Subdn. Benjamin Andersen has closed his outstanding Occidentalis blog for good this time. He cites lack of time to produce a "quality blog" and personal concerns about whether blogging is the best use of his time. I couldn't respect the scholarly subdeacon's choice any more than I do, though it will be a shame not to share in his insights.

I've had similar thoughts about my own blog and have been "permanently busy" for some time, but instead of close up shop, I've made another choice: do a subpar blog. :) I don't have an infinite amount of time to devote to this website and don't know it would be a "quality" blog even if I did — as I note in my official disclaimer to the left, this blog is pathetic and I am pathetic but I saw a lack of authentic information about the canonical Orthodox Church's Western Rite online and wanted to do what I could with my limited free time to change that. (I do hope to have some more in-depth and focused material available for my readers in other formats in the future.)

I am sorry to see Subdeacon Benjamin's blog go, but I hope this gives us the opportunity to become better friends yet offline. God bless, and as he wrote the last time he quit blogging, "Depart in peace."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Occidentalis, please carry on the good work!


2:59 PM  

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