Thursday, March 08, 2007

An Ethiopian Creed

From the website of the late Abuna Yesehaq, onetime archbishop of the Ethiopian (Oriental) Orthodox Church. I can't vouch for its historicity but just thought it was interesting:
The Confession and Prayer of Faith

The Following is the creed the apostles gave in Jerusalem as is written in the Ethiopic Liturgical Book in the original Geez (pg 40 and pg 63 in the English translation).

It is used in Divine Services, especially during the Anaphora of the Apostles.

We believe in one God, maker of all creation, Father of our Lord and Saviour Eyesus Kristos, because His nature is unsearchable.

As we have before declared, He is without beginning and without end, but He is ever living, and He has light which is never extinguished and He can never be approached.

He is not two or three, and no addition can be made to Him; but He is only one, living forever, because He is not hidden that He cannot be known, but we know Him perfectly through the law and the prophets that He is Almighty and has authority over all the creations.

One God, Father of our Saviour Eyesus Kristos, who was begotten before the Creation of the world, the only begotten Son, coequal with Him, Creator of all the Hosts, the principalities and the dominions.

Who in the last days was pleased to become man, and took flesh from Our Lady Mariam, the Holy Virgin, without the seed of man, and grew like men yet without sin or evil; neither was guile found in his mouth.

Then He suffered, died in the flesh, rose from the dead on the third day ascended unto heaven to the Father who sent Him, sat down at the Right Hand of power, sent to us the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit who proceeded from the Father, and saved all the world, and who is coeternal with the Father and the Son.

We say further that all the creatures of God are good as there is nothing to be rejected, and the spirit, the life of the body is pure and holy in all.

And we say that marriage is pure and childbirth is undefiled, because God created Adam and Eve to multiply. We understand further that there is in our body a soul, which is immortal and does not perish with the body.

We repudiate all work of heretics and all schisms and transgressions of the law, because they are for us impure.

We also believe in the resurrection of the dead, the righteous and sinners; and in the Day of Judgment when everyone will be recompensed according to their deeds.

We also believe that Christ is not in the least degree inferior because of His Incarnation.

But He is God, the Word Who truly became man and reconciled mankind to God being the High Priest of the Father. Henceforth, let us not be circumcised like the Jews. We know that He Who had to fulfill the law and the prophets has already come.



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