Friday, March 16, 2007

New WRV Mission in Warrenton, Virginia

Fr. Nicholas Alford of St. Gregory the Great parish reports in the latest issue of his (excellent) St. Gregory's Journal:
On Friday, March 30, at 7:30 PM, Bishop THOMAS will chrismate members of the Western Rite mission in Warrenton, Virginia. Fr. Nicholas has been meeting with this congregation for catechesis and will continue to serve them liturgically until Fr. Patrick Cardine is ordained as their priest. The service on March 30 will be a Sung Mass, and we anticipate attendance by priests from the region, as well as members of our other "sister" Western Rite congregation of Holy Trinity in Lynchburg. We rejoice with the people of Warrenton as they begin their life as Orthodox Christians in our archdiocese.
Glory to God that some good came out of the chaos in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (from whence this congregation came), and that God steered this parish to the Ark of Salvation. It is welcoming to see this is the second new mission in the Virginia area in a short period of time...and that dear Fr. Alford played a role in both missions. (I could praise him further, but I do not want to detract from his everlasting reward.) This is the latest in an explosion of new Western Rite Vicariate missions within the last calendar year, Deo gratias!

Most importantly, may God richly bless all these faithful awaiting chrismation, as they prepare for their new life of grace, readied to celebrate their first Paschal season in Orthodoxy.



Blogger Journey To Orthodoxy said...

Ben, I Have watched with amazement and gratitude at the grace of the Lord as he has led the Virginia group to the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I, too. came out of the CEC just prior to its rapid deterioration. One of the purposes for my BLOG,,
is to communicate with those CEC people who are journeying home to the church that is orthodox. I will look forward to visiting your blog often for updates and to share in your thoughts and journey. God Bless and unless you object, I will include your blog as a link on mine.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Ascending Incense said...

I've been to St. Patrick's Orthodox Church in Warrenton, VA, on two separate occasions. Both times it was a great experience. I was received into ACROD several months ago (although I was not previously CEC).

Both Vespers and the Divine Liturgy (the "Mass of St. Gregory") were well-done. Having come from a Roman Catholic background, I have been to TLM's before, and so the liturgy I attended was not alien to me. Yet, the vernacular and other little things made it different in several respects. While attending, I thought: would that the Roman Catholic Church have done this!

I'm still learning a lot about Orthodoxy, and I'm glad that Orthodoxy is seeking to better represent her Western side.

2:50 PM  

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