Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two More Incoming Western Rite Parishes

I'm pleased to announce two more churches are in the process of entering the Western Rite Vicariate in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. Both are former churches in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, both in the state of Massachusetts:
  1. Emmanuel Orthodox Church in West Brookfield, MA, is pastored by Fr. Ken DeVoie. I see among other things, Fr. DeVoie has run a food pantry.
  2. St. Stephen Orthodox Church in Springfield, MA, is pastored by Dn. Christopher M. Nerreau . It appears you can hear more than a dozen of his sermons here. I haven't checked them out yet but can't wait.
A hearty "Welcome home!" to both.

Note: Both websites contain notices stating this parish:
is in the process of seeking a home within the Antiochian Orthodox Church - one of the original 5 Patriarchical Sees of the Christian Church. Antioch was the first place they were called Christians! As such, we will be part of the Western Rite within Orthodoxy.
However, there are still areas of the website not yet edited from their old CEC days, so don't go ballistic on them if you see something you feel is off-base. They have more on their minds than updating their websites these days. Do drop by, send them and e-mail, and encourage our brothers on their way into the Western Rite of the canonical Orthodox Church.



Blogger Aaron Joshua Oliver said...


3:48 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Blessings in Christ! I just found out about this blog and the posting on our (Emmanuel and St. Stephens) arrival into Holy Orthodoxy.

I have received many warm and encouraging email's from Christ's faithful in Holy Orthodoxy and it is greatly appreciated!

I look forward to a lifetime of service in Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church...

Under His Grace,
Deacon Chris Nerreau

PS - Some of the sermons posted on that sight have protestant leanings that reflect my journy home, please disregard them.

6:33 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Also, I almost forgot, the Websites you are looking at are old. Please find our new sites at:


6:35 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Just FYI, the sermons at Sermon Central are text only, there is no audio (sorry). I will be recording all sermons at St. Stephens going forward and will be posting them on the website as they are made available.

In Christ,
dcn. Chris

6:21 AM  
Blogger theosis_10565 said...

Fantastic! This is a great site, by the way. I just stumbled upon it. :-) Keep up the good work!

10:36 PM  
Blogger Jean-Michel said...

the news had been translated to French but with already the corrected websites and some pictures :


1:55 AM  

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