Monday, February 25, 2008

A Hierarchical Word on End-Times Fanatics

I've discussed widespread, misplaced obsession with eschatology a bit on this blog in the past. But these words from Met. JOHN succinctly encapsulate the inner dynamic of many obsessed with "the end times" (and not just in Protestantism):
The real meaning of the English word "Gospel" is good news, but one can find those who are more attracted to the Bad News Gospel. You can find religious circles more interested in the anti-Christ than in Christ, more interested in the number 666 than the Holy Trinity. This is a fear-driven, bad news orientation. Where such a mentality thrives, the Christian contribution to society is meager. Where faith, hope and love flourish, transformation occurs. Faith changes life. If life doesn't change, clearly there is no faith. St. John Chrysostom, preaching to perhaps 400 people in Antioch, told them, "If all of you were Christians, there would be no more pagans in the world." If you want to understand how Christianity spread so rapidly in the early centuries, it was because Christians were Christian...This is our tragedy because more than ever the world needs the light of Christ, the genuine light.
Incidentally, if the Metropolitan's last name sounds similar to a certain group of comedic brothers, that's with reason: both John and James Belushi are Albanian Orthodox.

(Hat tip: Pious Fabrications)

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