Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Audio: A "New" Ex-CEC Member on "True Convergence"

It had been nearly eight months since its last update, so I wondered if it had died out, but thankfully the "True Convergence" podcast has come roaring back to life. You can now hear: True Convergence Episode #6, recorded two weeks ago. The new episode features the testimony of Noel Gnotti, a former member of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, now a member of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church in San Diego, California. Also on this episode is Fr. Patrick Cardine, of St. Patrick Antiochian Orthodox Church (Western Rite) in Warrenton, Virginia, a longtime friend of the newly chrismated Noel. We also hear from Matt Cuthberton of St. John the Theologian Orthodox Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA. (Matt has just opened the Byzantine chant site:

As with all the previous episodes, this is well worth listening to, especially for CEC members, charismatics, or evangelicals considering the Orthodox Church. (You can get a a run-down of earlier shows here.) Noel's words about being a "professional Christian" are touching (and convicting). The guests also discuss such topics as:
  • Developing a less "casual" view of truth;
  • The Convergence Movement's hidden pitfalls: syncretism and self-deception;
  • The deep theological content of Orthodox services;
  • How charismatic "revelations" are commonplace in Orthodoxy;
  • True Convergence occurs within the Orthodox Church;
  • What holds us back from pursuing truth; and
  • Satisfying spiritual hunger.
You can download all the episodes here.

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