Monday, January 14, 2008

Audio: Orthodox Converts from the CEC

Those from the Charismatic Episcopal Church who are considering the Orthodox Church, especially the Western Rite, would enjoy this new(er) podcast, True Convergence. So far, they have already produced four episodes:

  1. Episode One, in which Fr. John Denzil Roland of Sts. Peter and Paul (Hot Springs, AR) and Fr. Patrick Cardine of St. Patrick Orthodox Church (Warrenton, VA) discuss their journey from the CEC into the Antiochian Orthodox Western Rite;
  2. Episode Two, in which soon-to-be Father Mark Wallace of St. Andrew Orthodox Church (Oklahoma City, OKC) discusses his journey from CEC into the Western Rite of Antioch. Frs. Cardine and Roland also discuss the history of the Convergence Movement;
  3. Episode Three, in which Frs. Roland and Cardine discuss the role of Charismatic Gifts in Orthodoxy; and
  4. Episode Four, featuring Bishop THOMAS and Fr. Peter Gillquist, in which the latter denies he told the CEC's Bishop Adler not to join the Orthodox Church. The growing entourage includes Frs. Roland and Cardine, Mark Wallace, and two catechumens from St. John the Theologian Church.

Keep your eyes peeled. (Ouch!) If they hold according to schedule, they should have a new episode out today.



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The lastest show is up!

Jacob Lee

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