Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fr. Matthew Survives

With the departure of Subdn. Benjamin from the blogosphere, I'm happy to report Fr. Matthew Thurman will keep blogging. Like John Adams on his deathbed, I can report "Fr. Matthew survives" (with greater accuracy than our second president).

I should note, I don't have any interest in "having to apologize for the AWRV to those who are committed to being critical to it" -- but I felt a responsibility to clear up the misinformation emanating from certain quarters...because the confusion spreads to our own faithful. And those who would be.


Blogger Fr Matthew said...

...and I commend your recent efforts in clearing up such said mis-information. I put the note about not wanting to apologize to those critical because they have made their committments to whatever it is they believe and I don't want to get into debates with such people.

I've already skirted such things recently and have been displeased at (1) having to leave a forum I've much enjoyed for a long time because of a recent arrival who likes to debate his pet theories, (2) had to endure seeing a lengthy criticism of one of my blog entries by assorted clergy of non-canonical "Orthodox" churches because I had the audacity to speak like an Antiochian priest, and (3) have to be corrected by a non-Canonical "hierarch" on my supposed lack of knowledge of Fr. Alexander Turner's background (even though I'm working with primary text documents written by him).

It's all very tiresome when all one wants to do is share information about the AWRV with sincere inquirers. This is part of why I'm considering hanging up my blogging efforts altogether.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Ben Johnson said...

Absolutely understandable; such individuals are often unpleasant and hostile, and dealing with them is wearing. I'm glad you're hanging in there.

BTW, I see Venite is making his way over to said Forum on occasion. It appears no one there is interested in his pet theories....

Father bless,

(bowing the head and kissing your right hand)

8:31 AM  
Blogger Eric John said...

Father Matthew,
Christus resurrexit!
Bless me.

It would be a real shame if those who are in the AWRV or are Antiochian priests sympathetic to the WR would remain silent. One shouldn't let the peskiness of charlatans and heretics get in the way of preaching the truth. I'm an ER Antiochian who is interested in the WR, but there is a dearth of trustworthy information on the Web. Don't let the pseudo-Orthodox have the run of things. Think of the poor idiots like me who know nothing and are aching to know what the WR really is about. Don't leave us in the dark. If you're working on Fr. Alexander Turner, keep it up. You can blog and still ignore irrelvant commentaries. I beg everyone who knows the truth and is thinking about keeping silence on-line to reconsider. Don't leave now, just as more people were starting to listen to you.

Forgive me.


8:48 AM  
Blogger Fr Matthew said...

All--just keep in mind that I'm in the midst of pre-final/pre-graduation running around and tend to be somewhat impatient/moody right now. Take my threats at blog retirement with a grain of salt. They are a possibility, but the question is their *probability*, which remains to be seen.

10:12 AM  

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