Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fr. Fenton on St. Maximos the Confessor's Soteriology

As usual, Fr. Fenton has produced a stunningly lucid paper on "How Christ Saves," an excerpt from his paper "Passions and Theosis in St. Maximos the Confessor." (Disclosure: one of my favorite saints.) He quotes St. Maximos:
By it [Christ’s Incarnation] He freed human nature which had been enslaved by corruption, betrayed through its own fault to death because of sin, tyrannically dominated by the devil. He redeemed all its debt as if He were liable even though He was not liable but sinless, and brought us back again to the original grace of His kingdom by giving Himself as a ransom for us. And in exchange for our destructive passions He gives us His life-giving Passion as a salutary cure which saves the whole world.
Read the full excerpt.



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