Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Orthodox Prayers of Old England" Buyer's Remorse

(I got this in the e-mail recently. I'm not a subscriber to the group in question; if this is an inaccurate quotation, I'd like to know.)

Ben, I thought you might find this interesting. It appeared on Occidentalis [Yahoo group] several weeks ago:
Further, I can cite at least one reference which is two hundred to two hundred-fifty years older than "the late 1400's." In "Orthodox Prayers of Old England," we see that in the morning prayers (given from the Ancren Wisse) and the "Salutations of the Cross," the cross is greeted in each instance with a five-fold acclamation.
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I might confirm that if i ever receive the book which i ordered and payed for a few months ago but have not yet received and inquiries go unanswered.
Now where the "Orthodox Prayers of Old England," ever even reprinted or was i sold hot air?

Very interesting.....

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