Monday, January 29, 2007

If Only He'd Discovered Another Weeping Icon

...St. Columba's could start pulling in some serious jack!

Fr. Thurman, your son is precious.

Incidentally, I've heard Fr. Thurman say that line, "How silly is Benjamin?" several times, in the same tone of voice, to Subdn. Andersen.


Papal Latinist: Latin is "dead," Old Mass is "Useless" and "Stupid"

Fr. Reginald Roster, the papal Latinist, has agreed the Latin language is "dead." How dead?
"I'm worried that if one Cardinal makes one or two decisions it could all go," he said. "Already, we are sending congratulation letters to some Cardinals and they say can we please provide a translation...We might as well be writing in Mandarin."

He added that Pope Benedict XVI would not, in his estimation, promulgate a universal indult to allow greater celebration of the old Latin Mass, because it is too controversial.

...And the people attached to the Mass are idiots:

"He is not going to do it," Fr Foster said. "He had trouble with Regensberg, and then trouble in Warsaw, and if he does this, all hell will break loose." In any case, he added: "It is a useless mass and the whole mentality is stupid. The idea of it is that things were better in the old days. It makes the Vatican look medieval."

Hmm...confessions at an all-time low, molestation at an all-time high; I think things were better for them in the old days. And for part of the medieval era, Rome was Orthodox. :)

BTW, Subdn. Ben, my (irrelevant) reading of El Papa is that he would love to promulgate the indult. He has made cleaning up Mass abuses a priority.

Thankfully, the Western Rite has a universal indult of an Orthodox recension of the ancient Latin Mass (in Latin or English)...and it doesn't insult its own faithful (let alone in print).