Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recent Saints Who Supported the Western Rite

Recent Orthodox Saints Who Supported the Western Rite:
This omits St. John of Chicago (Kochurov), who accompanied St. Tikhon on many missionary journeys to Episcopalian churches and was part of the "Fond du Lac Circus" photo. (He was the beardless sainted priest.) St. John could be assumed to support his hierarch's Western Rite initiative -- but to my knowledge he did not specifically say so. (If anyone has information to the contrary, please let me know.)

This list also overlooks the uncanonized divine healer Dom Denis Chambault, a holy monk who celebrated the Benedictine monastic office and the Liturgy of St. Gregory in France under the patronage of St. John the Wonderworker.

Orthodox Saints Who Opposed the Western Rite:

(This space intentionally left blank.)

Take your choice.

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